& Local Culture

Culinary Enemy Number One
The writer’s unusual love of ketchup on turkey never fails to unsettle friends and family at Thanksgiving. (Black and White)

Red Fire Ants on the Road to Hell
Naturalist E. O. Wilson discusses religious zealots and his discovery of insects with devilishly fierce jaws. (Black and White)

Out of Time
A photo exhibit details the unusual history of a black family in early 20th-century rural Alabama. (Black and White)

Driving ‘Round the Clock
It’s a strange world between midnight and sunrise when you make a living driving a taxi cab. (Black and White)

Easy on the Mayo, Please
A local newspaperman’s passion for pimento cheese. (Black and White)

Vintage Techno Wizards
A society and museum celebrate the vintage radio era. (Black and White)

Tobacco Strikes Out
A new Birmingham city ordinance will ban cigarette smoking in almost all bars and nightclubs. (Black and White)

My Dad
Ed Reynolds remembers his father, a World War II vet and IRS man who raised his family in Selma, Alabama. (Black and White)

The End of an Era
The glory days of Birmingham International Raceway are recalled by veterans of the track, including one of the greatest names in NASCAR history. (Black and White)

Weight of the Wind
One man’s experience floating more than half a mile above the earth in a “paper” airplane. (Black and White)

The Sleeping Prophet
Psychic healing, fortune telling, and attempting to mystically divine oil comprise the Edgar Cayce legend. (Black and White)

Just Like a Woman
An afternoon telephone conversation with country legend Loretta Lynn reveals a woman completely unaffected by notoriety. (Black and White)

The Eloquence of Eudora
“The portrait of author Eudora Welty beside her casket in the rotunda of Mississippi’s Old Capitol building offered quiet reassurement to the thousand or so mourners paying homage to the acclaimed writer.” (Black and White)

More to come

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