Birmingham’s Musical King and Queen
Fixtures on the local entertainment scene, Glen Butts and Libba Walker have been performing together for more than three decades. (Black and White)

Jazz Practitioner
A new book by one of Birmingham’s old guard jazz players reveals a brilliant story-teller. (Black and White)

Shooting Stars
A new book documents the 1970s country music scene. (Black and White)

Still Kinky After All These Years
Cowboy singer and philosopher Kinky Friedman rides into town armed with a guitar and a quick wit. (Black and White)

20th Century Boy
With impeccable timing, Martin wrote his autobiography Hugh Martin: The Boy Next Door (Trolley Press) a year before his death this March, at age 96. The Birmingham-raised Martin was a master at vocal arrangement and piano accompaniment. (Black and White)

String Plucker
For 30 years, local guitarist Tim Boykin has been singing for his supper. (Black and White)

Leader of the Band
Local musician and orchestra conductor Frank Bettencourt represented a long-ago era in American music. (Black and White)

The One-Time King of Local Country Music
Country Boy Eddy reflects on a lifetime of making music, pitching products, and just plain fiddlin’ around (Black and White)

Jim Bob & the Leisure Suits – Rocking the boat with new waves
Oxford American 12th Annual Southern Music Issue (Fall 2010), pp. 62-64.

Session Man
How many people do you know who almost joined The Rolling Stones? That experience is just one of many that comprise the unusual musical odyssey of Birmingham guitarist Wayne Perkins. (Black and White)

Gear Head
A Birmingham musician’s custom guitar pedals and hand-made drums have become favored by indie-rock royalty. (Black and White)

Just Like a Woman
An afternoon telephone conversation with country legend Loretta Lynn reveals a woman completely unaffected by notoriety. (Black and White)

More to come

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