Rescue Mission
Many Alabama veterinarians and pet advocates are concerned about the Alabama State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners’ plan to shut down spay/neuter clinics. (Black and White)

Feathered Warriors
Alabama is the only state in which the legal penalties for cockfighting are almost nonexistent, making it a destination for cockfighting enthusiasts from around the country. The Alabama legislature is perfectly comfortable with the status quo. (Black and White)

No Easy Fix
Non-profit spay and neuter clinics in Alabama appear to be targeted for forced closings. (Black and White)

Goodbye to a Good Friend
A good dog’s life is never long enough. (Black and White)

Ghost Dogs Update
The stray dogs who make Oak Hill Cemetery their home are finding more permanent dwellings. (Black and White)

Graveyard Dogs
Oak Hill Cemetery is the temporary resting place for a group of stray dogs. (Black and White)

Flying First Class
Piloting private planes, volunteers deliver precious live cargo in the form of pets. (Black and White)

More to come

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